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Subject: Ghostbusters trailer!
Posted by Shadowkiller on 2016-04-09 19:25

Did anybody actually like that train wreck of bad ideas? I don't personally have a problem with female Ghostbusters, although I do have a problem with them rebooting the franchise and
then in this very trailer act like they didn't. The series didn't need a reboot, generally that only needs to happen when the last entry was really bad. Ghostbusters 2 while not
anywhere near as good as the original wasn't a bad movie. If they wanted an all female cast full of 3 smart ladies and one stereotypical black woman they could have done that without
the reboot, plus it would allow Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson to do cameos as their characters.

I do have a problem with why they decided on a all female Ghostbusters, and that is because it had nothing to do with appealing to Ghostbuster fans. Instead of fans of the franchise
they wanted to make if for the College Activists who get triggered by Pro-Trump messages written in chalk on the sidewalk, the type of people who snap their fingers instead of clap.
Which worked so well for them that they were called racists because the black woman was stereotypically black, even though the character was obviously written in the actresses comedic
styling. So I must say out of everything that came from the new Ghostbusters, I did find that hilarious.

--Shadowkiller Destroyer of Worlds
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Ghostbusters trailer! - Shadowkiller 2016-04-09 19:25

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